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The Kentucky FAIR Plan Reinsurance AssociationOnline Premium Payments

The FAIR Plan now offers the capability to make the initial deposit premium payment for applications submitted electronically as well as renewal and installment payments on-line. To utilize the payment program, accurately enter all the required information, and follow the easy step by step instructions to ensure the payment is properly processed.


Required Online Payment Information

Payment Amount

Current FAIR Plan Policy/Application #

Insured/Applicants Name

Insured/Applicants Property Address, City, State and Zip Code

Checking or Savings Account Number

Bank Routing Number

Name on Bank Account


Direct Debit to Checking or Savings Account

By using the FAIR Plan online payment system the insured is authorizing the FAIR Plan to directly debit their checking or savings account for the requested payment amount. The FAIR Plan is not responsible for any processing errors caused by the providing of incorrect information. The Kentucky FAIR Plan reserves the right to charge a fee should the payment be rejected for insufficient funds.





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